Cat Cafe Kamakura 鎌倉ねこの間

Today I would like to introduce one of my favorite places, Cat Cafe Kamakura Nekonoma. This isn’t your average cat cafe. All the cats here have been rescued from the streets and are looking for a good forever-home! Most of the cats are still kittens, and they have had all their shots! Whether you are looking to adopt, or whether you just want to get your kitty-fix, this is the place to go!

Basic Information

Kamakura Nekonoma is a Cat Cafe located in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. The cafe is part of a traditional-style Japanese house, which is why it is called a 「古民家風」(kominka-fuu) cafe.


When you get to the door, don’t ring the doorbell. Just go straight in and take off your shoes. The owner will come downstairs to greet you.

That’s not the owner! That’s Moon. He only thinks he owns the place ^_−☆

When you get upstairs, you will be directed to the toilet area so that you can wash and disinfect your hands.

You will then be directed to sit at a table or on the sofa. This was the view from my seat!

There are some picture books of cats and other interesting reading material at the tables. There is also free Wifi available!

There is an air conditioner as well as an air purifier and a fan. It is very comfortable!


Everything we tried was delicious here. Even if there weren’t cats here, I would still recommend it as a nice cafe to visit.

First, I ordered the Coffee Jelly with Vanilla Ice Cream. The cost was 450 yen. It was spectacular! I like all coffee jelly, but this was easily the best I have ever had.

Seiya (my boyfriend) ordered the Matcha (Green Tea) and Mizuyokan Set (600 yen). I tried a bite of his and it was delicious too!

After about an hour or so of playing with cute kitties, we got hungry again. So, we ordered a piece of their Calico Cat Chiffon Cake! It was cute and delicious.

We finished our cake with some relaxing herbal tea. We tried the ラシュール (rassure – which apparently means something similar to “relax” in French) Rose, Mint, Linden tea.


30 minutes – 500 yen
60 minutes – 1000 yen
+15 minutes – 250 yen
Free Time (weekdays only) – 3000 yen
Cat Treat – 100 yen (limited)

*At least one drink order is required
*Elementary schoolers: half-price (must be accompanied by adult)
*Children younger than elementary schoolers are not allowed


10 minutes on foot from the Giant Buddha Statue “Daibutsu”

Closest Bus Stop: Uchikoshi (3 min. walk)
Closest Train Station: Hase (20 min. walk)

Address: 〒248-0027鎌倉市笛田6-9-7
Tel: 0467-40-5379

Parking: There is only space for 1 car, so if you plan on driving there (which I do recommend if you can!) you should call and make a reservation ahead of time. I went there by car on a Friday at 1 PM and there were very few customers.

If you plan to go there using public transportation, please check this page for more information!



Sleepy Cats

Hungry Cats

Owner: そろそろお昼ご飯にしましょうか?
Cat: Did someone say “lunch”?

Cats: *lunch* *lunch* *lunch* *lunch* *lunch*

Another cat’s lunch always looks more delicious than one’s own.

Playful Cats

Hide and Seek

Kick and Bite

Seiya playing with Ton-chan!

“I feel like someone is watching me…”

He joined in the play!

Just Chillin’

The cats love sitting in boxes…

and stretching out on the floor…

They like to cuddle up close…

I’m surrounded by cats! This is awesome!

And here is another box cat…

And another…

This is Moon, giving me nose kisses.

Moon: “…And this is my other friend Tenko…”

About the Owner

The owner, Kumiko Nagata opened this cafe out of her home at the age of 50 on May 20, 2016. Her goal is to find homes for all stray cats and to make it so that no cats are left without a home.

Visit Kamakura Nekonoma’s Official Page


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