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A Comparison: Two Dates on the Setagaya Line

Two years ago, Seiya took me on a date in Setagaya. It is such a good memory for us that we decided to go on the very same date again this year!

Our First Setagaya Line Date

On October 10, 2016, Seiya took me on one of our very first dates to Setagaya, Tokyo. We met up at Sangenjaya station where we bought two day-pass train tickets, allowing us unlimited rides on the Setagaya line for the day.

Our first stop before getting on the train was at a cafe outside Sangenjaya station called “Cafe Mamehiko Sangenjaya”.

After we finished enjoying our bread and butter with coffee, we moved on to our next stop, Shouin-jinja-mae Station.

We went to 松陰神社 (Shouin Shrine).

Oh my gosh, we look so young in this picture!

After visiting the shrine, we stopped at a little cake shop called Merci Bake to get some carrot cake!

Our next stop was at 厳島神社 (Itsukushima Shrine) near Miyanosaka Station.

There was a little pond that had a lot of ducks swimming in it.

Seiya, being cute♡♡♡

Next, we walked to 豪徳寺 (Goutokuji), a big temple near Itsukushima Shrine.

There was a big pagoda at the temple and a hand-pump water spout which we enjoyed.

But the thing that this temple is most famous for is its many 招き猫 (lucky cat) statues.

Seiya, being cute again♡♡♡

And that was about it for our first date in Setagaya.

Our Second Setagaya Line Date

Flash forward two years to August 18, 2018.

Look, we’re all grown up! lol

And back at Shouin Shrine again!

This time, Seiya brought his nice camera with him!

And back at Itsukushima Shrine again, doing the same pose as last time!

This time, we didn’t see any ducks. But there were turtles!

And back to Goutokuji again!

Can’t leave out the funny faces!

Pumping water again!

There were still a lot of cats!

They look like they’re plotting something…

I love his smile♡♡♡

More temple pictures

We got 御朱印 (goshuin) this time!

One more selfie on our way back to the station!

Lucky Cat Train!!!

Lunch Time! For lunch, we stopped at a Hawaiian Restaurant called Aloha Baby

A Comparison: Then and Now


I really enjoyed re-living this date and taking a lot of the same pictures again. It was fun to compare them and see how much we have changed in the past 2 years and also talk about what has stayed the same. Seiya is as cute and funny now as he was then (maybe even cuter and funnier lol) and I love him more and more every day. Maybe someday years from now we will go on another date in Setagaya and do it all over again.

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